Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pitch™
A Pitch™ is a new take on the old press release. In this day and age you can’t just send text anymore. You need video, photos, links, etc. PitchEngine is a platform for businesses to get the word out about their business. Brands have made posts, tweets, and pins, but these tools are built for individuals. None of these platforms are practical for storytelling. A Pitch is designed specifically for use by a business wanting to express themselves online. Think of it as a media kit for journalists as well as your customer. 

→ Where does my Pitch go?
PitchEngine is an easy way for your brand to tell and share your story. It also enables you to share with your customers and audience directly. It further empowers your brand’s evangelists to share with their relevant audience. The consumer facing elements of each pitch make your brand’s content relatable to your audience.

Isn’t a Pitch basically a Press Release that’s online and social?
Since thousands of Public Relations pros were the first to adopt PitchEngine as their tool of choice to get their word out, many have tried to compare the pitch to a press release. We don’t believe that there is much of a comparison. A pitch isn’t addressed directly to journalists despite many having adopted them as a viable method for receiving information. It is a brand speaking directly to their customers in a voice that their customers understand and giving that audience the tools to keep the message moving within a larger relevant audience. By contrast, press releases aren’t social, shareable or necessarily engaging. The addition of a few social icons doesn’t make them more so. It’s a one way communique to journalists that already receive thousands of other press releases.

→ What is PitchEngine?
PitchEngine is easy-to-use software for creating pitches (see above). For many marketers and brands, it’s also a convenient content hub for their marketing assets.

→ Can’t I just make a blog?
Sure, you could spend hours creating a blog and learning all about themes, plugins, widgets and the like. With PitchEngine, you spend that time focusing on creating content that’s rich, engaging and tells your unique story without all the hassle. Further, we provide you with great search optimized content that you probably wouldn’t get with your blog. That translates to a business announcement that can be found in search within a day, rather than a week or two.

→ What are some best practices/tips to employ?
Check out our blog (on PitchEngine’s homepage or click here) for a constant stream of new tips & tricks. Visit our Pinterest board for inspiration and examples of powerful pitches. Here you’ll see some of our favorite pitches.

How is this different than a wire service?
We believe that there is no ‘easy button’ for marketing and PR. So, PitchEngine does not “distribute” your content in the sense that a wire tells you that they do. In fact, we believe that wire distribution is a broken model (see blog post from PitchEngine’s Founder, Jason Kintzler).  The traditional press release is targeted at journalists. A pitch is a message you share with your audience, and by making it media-rich and in your audiences voice. Your content now has legs that can reach a larger more relevant audience. See our Pinterest board for inspiration and examples of powerful pitches.

What is a newsroom?
Frustrated by being held hostage to your IT departments schedule, or are you losing interest in creating and managing content in multiple locations? A PitchEngine newsroom may be a good solution for you. The hosted newsroom houses all of your pitches. The larger message? Make content once and share to all the places your audience is looking for you. Check out these newsrooms!

→ Can I have multiple brands?
Absolutely. You can add an unlimited amount of brands to your account. However, you’ll have to upgrade each brand separately. Are you an Agency? Call us directly for a quote.

What are your prices and plans?
Click Here for the Pricing & Plans page.

→ Is this for B2B brands as well?
Every brand has a story to tell and a voice that they use to tell it. PitchEngine is that platform that allows a B2B business to create content that can be shared directly with buyers, trade publications and other business customers. A B2B brand may chose to share their pitch by emailing it to their customers directly rather than posting it on Facebook, for example, but the message still needs to be crafted. Here are some examples that can provide some inspiration from B2B brands on PitchEngine (link to Pinterest B2B board).