Real-time Updates, Micro PR Coming to PitchEngine

This is the third installment in a series of previews explaining the next generation of PitchEngine which is currently in beta testing.


When we introduced the PR industry to the first Social Media Release platform back in 2008, we had no idea how fast things would evolve.

In those days, PR was about word docs and press kits. Today, good PR is practiced in many formats on many platforms. We’ve adapted to these changes through the years, introducing some really innovative things:

  • We pioneered consumer-facing PR
  • Twitter Pitch (Summarized release packaged for sharing)
  • Automated url shortening on publish (
  • Tweetable Quick Facts (sharable bulleted facts)
  • The Facebook Newsroom (Facebook tab with embedded newsroom)
  • Embedded Pitch (Embed your Pitch in blogs, websites)
  • And countless other behind-the-scenes innovations

With our upcoming Gen 3 release, the all new PitchEngine will again lead the industry into a new era. We referenced our new focus on brand stakeholders in our first update a few days ago. A key component to this new approach is real-time communication on a very micro level.

Micro PR
The great thing about press releases is their utility. The bad thing about press releases is their weight - and our assumption that everyone will read everything - even past the headline. Today’s consumer makes their decision about a webpage in less than a second. Your stakeholders are no exception. Journalists, customers, investors and even employees need to be engaged. Brevity has become part of that engagement.

The new PitchEngine enables brands to update their followers (stakeholders) in real-time by sending brief updates or complete pitches instantly. The feed works similar to most social networks, but serves a very specific purpose for an isolated group of people - those that want to or need to know what your brand is doing.


The Real-Time News Feed
The updates can be shared publicly, but the idea is to have a central place for your brand’s voice.This is where your brand publishes from - even if some of it lands on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr eventually. This real-time news feed will be the first of its kind for brands and businesses of any size. 

What’s different?
Facebook is for people. As brands, we pretend to be people so that we can have conversations. PitchEngine is built for brands. There are no conversations, feedback from readers or reviews. It’s a publishing platform that ensures delivery and measures engagement.

We think it’s the future of brand marketing and communications and we can’t wait to show you.

We’ll share more about the new release here. See previous posts:

Designed for the Modern Web
Not Everyone Likes You, Some People LOVE You!

Designed for the modern web: Previewing the upcoming PitchEngine release, Part 2


At PitchEngine, we believe good design is a critical piece of storytelling - especially as it related to brands. People will take you and your brand more serious if your content looks like it was created by a professional. Lucky for you, we make you a professional content designer with little effort.

Our Gen 3 release will bring our best deigns yet to your fingertips. Built for any screen size on any device, the new Pitch Styles are designed to make a serious impact. Three big, bold styles will be released at the onset - some redesigned, some completely new. Each design puts the focus on rich media and your branding, not ours. The addition of a prominent “follow” action button makes the ask simple - Get updates about your favorite brand every time we share something.

Each pitch includes a new dynamic photo gallery and an anchor feature image. The biggest change though is the capability of a completely rebuilt editor.

In the early days when browsers were less modern and users were exploring, we wanted to keep the functionality as basic as possible to keep the content consistent across the entire PitchEngine platform and ecosystem. Our Gen 3 release however, puts the control in your hands with a more flexible editor. Now, users can embed all types of media into the body of the pitch.

We’re also rolling out a new version of our Twitter Pitch functionality that enables you to highlight any bit of text in a pitch and make it tweetable. It’s a really great way to encourage social engagement.

The Gen 3 PitchEngine will debut in the coming weeks and will include many new features for public relations and marketing professionals as well as small businesses and entrepreneurs.

We’ll share more about the new release here. See last week’s preview:

Not Everyone Likes You, Some People LOVE You!

Not everyone likes you, some people love you: A preview of the upcoming PitchEngine release


This is the first installment in a series of previews explaining the next generation of PitchEngine which is currently in beta testing.

Feeding the Stakeholders
When we start to explain PitchEngine we’re often hit with a common response, “Where does it go?” 

It’s a valid question, especially since most marketing and PR services are all about pushing your message to some audience that doesn’t opt-in for your content. As marketers, we’ve been conditioned to seek impressions over relevance and measure success on the number of likes our page garners.

But, here’s the rub - ‘likes’ aren’t ‘loves’.

There are plenty of people who want to, need to and would love to receive your content. Networks like Facebook are making it impossible to reach your brand’s audience as a whole, and email has become a spam haven.

PitchEngine is about getting your message to the right people. Every brand, big or small, has a group of stakeholders that include people like journalists, investors, employees and other influencers. Delivering updates, photos and announcements to these people has become fragmented. The Gen 3 PitchEngine aims to solve this problem by introducing a new kind of micro-network built around the brand and its followers (stakeholders).

This new release gives more prominence to the following aspect of the PitchEngine platform turning the “follow” button into a call to action for every announcement, update and pitch you publish.

Users will invite or import their brand’s stakeholders, advocates and influencers to become followers. Each follower is provided a feed which can include just one brand or many.


Jason Kintzler

The Corporate Circle
Before he created PitchEngine, Jason Kintzler handled marketing for a major outdoor brand. He spent countless hours simply providing content internally to the company and its various stakeholders. He used a blog to share things like press coverage, new hires and other news with people that could use the information at sales meetings, with vendors and more. However, assuring delivery and reads was difficult.

The new PitchEngine expands on this idea and makes it easy to keep everyone who is interested informed.

"It’s impossible even for employees to know what their own company is posting on every platform," he explains.

"The new PitchEngine changes that, giving everyone a common feed of content that’s extremely relevant and notifies followers of new updates."


Chris Brogan

The Brogan Effect
In the early days of PitchEngine, Chris BroganPublisher and CEO of Owner Magazine, would send anyone who pitched him story ideas to PitchEngine where he could filter and manage his pitches in a feed format instead of in a cluttered email inbox.

The new PitchEngine takes this concept to a new level by empowering people like Chris to de-clutter their social networks and inboxes and streamline this aspect of their day. A brand sends Chris an invite or a link to their page and that’s it - he’s now in the loop. It helps to formalize an otherwise scattered process.

Brands First
Unlike social networks, PitchEngine isn’t a conversation platform.

Brands share things and people listen.

There is no place for people to rate, review or otherwise comment on anything. We think there’s a place in this world for brands and it hasn’t been created yet. 

Over the past few years, consultants and marketers have spent a lot of energy trying to get brands to act like people, so that they could participate on social platforms. We believe brands aren’t people, but they do have a voice. PitchEngine is where brands share with people that listen.

The Gen 3 PitchEngine will debut in the coming weeks and will include many new features for public relations and marketing professionals as well as small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

We’ll share more about the new release here.

Some of those features include:

  • A new form of real-time posting
  • Powerful new website, blog and api integrations
  • New Analytics and Follower insights 
  • Amazing new Pitch Styles and Page designs

Stay tuned!


Introducing the new embedded pitch!

When the press release made its debut back in 1906, it was a piece of technology. It was formatted in such a way that enabled journalists to typeset the text directly into an article. It was the “plug and play” of its time.
I’ve always been fascinated by its ability to provide utility for both author and reader. This is also why PitchEngine continues to lead the industry with innovative new approaches.

Introducing, the Embedded Pitch.
PR pros spend a significant amount of time and resources packaging-up content that tells a complete story. It’s the story, or “pitch,” that provides discovery for journalists, influencers and now, customers. With the fast-paced, short-attention span of today’s news consumers it’s critical that this content be image-rich and concise. So, we’ve created a way to give new life to the utility aspect of the press release. But, we’ve re-imagined it for a world of modern-PR.

Each pitch that a communications pro creates or shares with a journalist or blogger can now be embedded directly into websites, blog posts and social networks. You can think of it as a “content ad” - placed into an existing media property - that opens up to reveal an app for your particular story, product announcement, campaign or lookbook. 

For journalists, it’s a way to give readers inside access and insight directly from an organization or brand. It’s like describing what’s cool and then linking out to the specifics.

For PR and marketing pros, it’s an incredibly cool way to share more sophisticated content on less flexible media channels like blogs and social sites. It’s a great way to maximize a blog post or enhance a tweet.

Check out the embedded pitch below!    

PitchEngine updates are here!


The PitchEngine crew would like to thank you for your suggestions and input since the release of our new editor. We’ve been working hard to bring you the best platform possible and are excited to announce our latest update! 

One of the biggest changes you’ll notice is the addition of functions. We’ve brought back quick facts, photo captions, and have improved the stability of our editor.

Our most exciting new feature is the PitchFeed. Now your pitches will show up on the feed right after they’re published. You can also search for brands and pitches right from our homepage!  


We’ve improved the photo uploading process. Now you can upload images of any shape and size, as well as grab images directly from your Facebook galleries. 


Once you’ve uploaded your images, you can add captions and tags.  


The update also changes the look of your Pitch. 


Pitches now provide a more app-like experience. Readers can click to reveal additional information and data voluntarily. 

The PitchFeeds (Profile pages for brands) also have an updated look. 


We’re excited for you to try the new editor. If you have any questions call us at 307-855-4011, email us at, or Live Chat us from our homepage.

Thanks for using PitchEngine! 

Send your pitches to your Facebook instantly!

Our Facebook newsroom app is a great way for you to keep all your pitches together in one easy to find location. Much like the newsfeed you can embed to your website, the app is easily plugged into your Facebook brand page. 

To embed the newsroom, click the Newsroom tab in your dashboard. 


Then click the blue button titled Connect Facebook Page. That will open up a tab. Just select your Facebook page and click Add Page Tab. 


Once you’ve connected your accounts, you’ll find the newsroom app on your Facebook page. 


The tab is easy to customize! Every time you publish a pitch it will automatically feed the newsroom. 


If you have any questions give us a call at 307-855-4011! We’d be happy to help. 

Update your site with a Newsroom!

Updating your brand’s website on a daily basis can be exhausting, or it can be simple and fast! 

Goodyear recently plugged in a PitchEngine newsroom RSS feed. Every time they create a pitch, it automatically feeds their site. Now they don’t have to contact their IT department every time they want to make an update. 


You can embed your newsroom into your site using an RSS feed or an iframe. Goodyear used an RSS feed. Winter Mountain Games embedded the newsroom using an iframe. 


Setting up your newsroom is simple. Give us a call and we can walk you through it, today. 307-855-4011 

Getting started with PitchEngine

You’ve set up your account… now what? 

The first thing you’ll need to do is create a brand. 

This brand will show up on the upper left hand of your pitches. You can import a logo and add contact information. 

Once you’ve created a brand you can choose a subscription level, or create a pitch! 

Watch this quick tutorial for tips to create a pitch. 

Now that you’ve created a pitch, you can subscribe or publish

How adding images to your Pitch will increase shares!


If you want your fans and followers to share your pitches you should give them something worth sharing. 

These days, when we post a picture or status update – our popularity is quickly validated by the number of “likes” or “shares” we get. If a person posts something on Facebook, and has 20 or more “likes” within an hour, they feel like their likes and interests are on par with others. 

Have you ever watched a YouTube video or read an interesting blogpost and instantly wanted to tell your friends about it? People want to share content. And they want to be the one to inform their peers and friends about new things. So why wouldn’t you want to help your pitches and content be shared. If you’re not attaching an image to your pitch, you may be missing out! 

Creating content without images and video doesn’t make it easy on your brand evangelists to share your pitch. You need something to grab the reader’s attention, before you unload a sales pitch or message on them.  

If I’m a huge fan of a brewery, I’m more likely to share a pitch if it has a visual component attached. 


And the best thing about great content, is how easy it is to create. You don’t need to hire a professional photographer anymore. Smart phones are equipped with high resolution cameras and photo editing apps. 

Take this photo for example.

It was snapped by a customer using an iPhone and edited with Instagram. 

Verses this photo… 


… which was taken by a professional for Starbucks. Either photo would work for a product release. You don’t need to have a professional using a $3,000 camera when you can snap a pic for free. 

These images on are great. They show the drinks in their best light – literally the lighting is perfect. 


But these photos, from a small coffee shop’s Facebook page, are just as good at getting the message out. They show the product off in a personal way, and didn’t spend a small fortune doing so. 


The bottom line is, whether you are hiring a professional, or snapping daily shots on a cellphone – content is beneficial to your posts. Adding images will help people identify with your brand, and give the something to share besides a sales pitch! The more content you add to your pitches, the more likely your content will spread over sites like Facebook and Pinterest. 

Quick Question & Answer! How do I subscribe and publish?

If you’re brand new to PitchEngine, or you have a new brand, this post is for you! 

You can subscribe right off the bat, or you can wait until you’ve created your first pitch. 


To subscribe right away, click the Subscription Status button under your brand profile. 


Then click the blue Subscribe button. 


Choose a plan that’s right for you! Click here for Plans & Pricing information. 


Now you’re all set to go and can start pitching! 

If you wanted to wait until you created your first pitch – you can easily subscribe from the editor. 


Once you’ve crated a pitch, click the Preview button at the top of your pitch. 


Here you’ll choose a Pitch Style. Then click the red Subscribe button at the top of your pitch. It will take you to the payment page. Here you’ll choose a subscription


Once you’ve subscribed you can publish your pitch

Quick Question & Answer! How do I publish a pitch?

If you don’t have a subscription yet, click here

Once you’ve added your content to your pitch, click the light blue Preview button at the top of your pitch. 


Your pitch will automatically save. In preview mode you can choose a Pitch Style


Once you’ve decided on a style and feel your pitch is ready to be published, click the red Publish button at the top of your pitch. If you see a button that says Subscribe, click here. 


Once you’ve published you’ll be directed back to your dashboard. If you  hover over your pitch you should see a yellow dot. This means your pitch is processing. 


Once your pitch publishes, you’ll receive an email and the dot will turn green. 

Now that your pitch is published you can access the Pitch Engagement Report by clicking on the metrics button next to the pencil on your pitch. you can also edit your published pitch by clicking on the pencil.